Monday, January 7, 2013

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The Journey Begins

This marks the first day of my family's journey with the blood type diet.  I have actually been on this journey since April of 2012 and absolutely love, love, love the results. I feel more energetic, my skin feels great, and I've learned how to prepare and cook foods that are right for my blood type AND taste great! My husband has agreed to try this way of eating for the next three months. My hope is that he'll love the results and stay with it. 

So the biggest challenge for our family is going to be the fact that we are not all of the same blood type.  I am an O+ and according to Dr. D'Adamo's Live Right 4 Your Type and his blood type diet theories, blood type O's are supposed to eat a high protein diet with lots of lean meats. My husband, an A- (who wishes he were an O), is supposed to eat the vegetarian diet of blood type A's.  Using Dr. D'Adamo's work, I made three different food lists... one for O's, one for A's, and a third that combines beneficial and allowable foods for both blood types.  If you want to join us on this journey of living and eating for your blood type,  I've shared the guides below.

Blood Type Diet Guides
Disclaimers:  This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  I have turned to purchasing more and more through Amazon since starting the blood type diet.  I have decided to use them as an affiliate site because I trust them and find they can deliver on many of my special shopping needs.

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  1. We all must take care of our diet to stay away from diseases. But we must also donate blood frequently to save the life of others.