Monday, March 25, 2013

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Burrito Bowls

I recently had a request from someone who made me think of the me from ten years ago.  Back then I had two little boys and was teaching middle school.  I often spent Sunday afternoons chopping and prepping and my crock pot was in service all the time.  So for the next couple weeks, I'm going to share some crock pot and 30-minute dinner ideas.
This week, I am going to show you how to make one of my son's favorites... Burrito Bowls that are a knock-off of Chipotle's Burrito Bowls.  So the super easy way to do this is to buy a rotisserie chicken and used canned black beans.  But since, I haven't found anyone who does an organic rotisserie chicken, I make mine in a crock pot.
So the first step to making the rotisserie chicken is to slice a large onion and cover the bottom of the crock pot with it (this prevents the chicken from sticking to the bottom of the crock pot).  Then set a whole chicken on top of the onions.  Rub the chicken with your favorite seasonings and one or two cloves of minced garlic.  Set the crock pot to low and cook for 6 hours.

The other thing you may need to start in the morning is the rice.  For our Burrito Bowls, I use a copy cat version of Chipotle's Cilantro Lime Rice by Gina's Skinny Taste.  She uses the stove top but I do it in my rice cooker, especially on those days when I'm running around non-stop.  Just put all the ingredients from the recipe into your rice pot, stir a few times, and set it on delay timer (if it has one).

For the burrito bowls, you really only need rice, black beans, and shredded chicken.  We like a mix of flavors for our palates so I always offer other add-ons.
Our blood type A's like to add avocado, corn, lettuce, and red onions.
My self and the other O's like to include jalapenos, lettuce, pico de gallo, and red onions.  We sometimes also serve them with shredded mozzarella cheese.

I like to put everything out on the table so everyone can build their own bowls.  The younger boys prefer to use tortillas and make burritos out of theirs.  This is definitely a favorite in our house!

Burrito Bowls Recipe


  • Rotisserie Chicken (see below for crock pot version)
  • 3-4 cups of black beans
  • Chipotle's Cilantro Lime Rice
  • other toppings of your choice:
    • suggestions for Type A's:  lettuce, onions, corn, avocado, mozzarella, sour cream
    • suggestions for Type O's:  lettuce, onions, jalapenos, pico de gallo (or tomatoes), mozzarella


  1. Cook Cilantro Lime Rice according to the recipe directions.
  2. Heat black beans.
  3. Shred the rotisserie chicken.
  4. Build the bowls with rice, black beans, chicken, and other toppings of choice. 

Crock Pot Organic Rotisserie Chicken Recipe


  • whole organic chicken
  • large onion
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic minced
  • salt and pepper
  • other seasonings of choice
  • 2-3 sprigs of rosemary


  1. Slice onion.  Cover bottom of crock pot with the onion slices.
  2. Place chicken on top of layer of onions.  Rub chicken with garlic and seasonings.  Top with rosemary and cook at low for 6 hours. 
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